Matter to Life Spring Days: Spring is coming!

Matter to Life Spring Days: Spring is coming!

We had two great days on with all of our Master and PhD students as well as members of our faculty. Together we enjoyed not only the discussions and meeting possibilities on this excellent platform, but especially appreciated excellent speakers giving us insight into the Matter to Life Science.

On Thursday, we had the chance to dig deeper into this thanks to presentations by our Fellow Tobias Erb and our PhD students. As a highlight, Nobel prize winner Ben Feringa gave a lecture on the Joy of Discovery followed by a long, interesting discussion with the Matter to Life community. 

On Friday, we focused on the way of discoveries from the lab to user. We received great input on patenting and company founding from our Fellows Kai Johnsson, Joachim Spatz and Eberhard Bodenschatz and could listen to an inspiring talk on the moral responsibility of patenting by Klaus Tanner. Ingrid Kapser-Fischer and Anindita Chakraborty from MP Innovation gave us an insight into the way of patenting and spin-offs in general and especially in the MPG. Friday evening was rounded off by a talk by Oxford Professor Hagan Bayley about the science of his group as well as his experience in the foundation of Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

We are very thankful for all the great contributions and happy about this nice possibility to welcome spring; we are ready now!

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