"The Matter to Life program is the perfect choice for me where I could understand what life is from the perspective of Biology, Chemistry and Physics during the Master’s phase and then continue in my area of interest in the PhD phase."

Nitin Bohra, MtL Master Student
The Max Planck School Matter to Life program leads from the Bachelor to the Master to the PhD
The MPS MtL program is structured in two phases. You will enter the program with a Bachelor's degree and begin your two-year master study at one of two teaching universities depending on your specialization. In the subsequent PhD phase, you will conduct your research at any of the almost 60 MPS MtL Faculty labs.
Two female students sit on a wall opposite each other and discuss their study papers
Current Bachelor's students with backgrounds in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Science, Molecular Systems Engineering, Physics, Molecular Cell Biology, Bioengineering, or a related subject are encouraged to apply to the Max Planck School Matter to Life.
Stack of many hands of young people
We offer a 10 week research internships for undergraduate students!
Yearly, during the months of June – November in a laboratory of one of our MtL Faculty members.

MtL Events & Insights

“Life is something that we participate in, unlike matter” 
Read the interview with MtL Fellow Thorsten Moos, to find his origin story, his take on the interplay of science and theology, role of AI in the future of ethics, and his impression on the Matter to Life program.
PhD candidates sit around a table with Matter to Life Fellow Stefan Klumpp and discuss

MtL Spring Days 2024

February 26, 2024
Spring may evoke many things; blossoming flowers, chirping birds, return of the lush green, bountiful gush of water, or to the more physics inclined, a rigid elastic coil that can return to original form after compression. For us at the Max Planck School Matter to Life, spring is that time of the year when all of us dispersed and immersed in our studies across Germany come together to revel in our shared passion for science. 
Philipp Baur snorkeling in a cool pose, holding a bag to collect his samples
Read the interview with Philipp Baur, one of our first MPS MtL PhD students! You will get an insight into his experiences doing research within the MPS MtL, his academic path and his current activities, leading up to his thesis.
Path to the illuminated entrance of Ringberg Castle in the evening, there is snow next to the path
What is more enchanting than snow covered mountains and Christmas in the air against a backdrop of a majestic castle? Well if you ask the scientists and students at MtL, they would say an MtL seminar in this setting will seal the deal! This week-long event (Dec 11-15th) transformed the historical castle into a melting pot of futuristic ideas, discussions, and camaraderie, creating an unforgettable experience for all participants.
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