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Study Regulations


  • A list of the Matter to Life Admission Commitee, the Examination Committee as well as the Study Program Commission can be found here
  • Members of the MtL Executive Board 


Academic counseling and contact for Matter to Life 

HEIDELBERG (main office)
Scientific coordination: Jan Heidelberger
Email contact: mattertolife@maxplanckschools.de or  jan.heidelberger@mtl.maxplanckschools.de

Scientific coordination: Nadja Miosga
Email contact: mtl@uni-goettingen.de

All members of the MPS MtL Coordination Team

Students in special situations 

In the course of your academic career, you may encounter situations that make it difficult to maintain a regular study schedule. At the Matter to Life teaching Universities, University of Göttingen and Heidelberg University, the following units are available for all matters relating to equal opportunities, diversity and compatibility.

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