“My experience as a Matter to Life URO candidate was incredible in all senses.”

Adrián Gutiérrez Cruz was an URO candidate in the lab of Karin Jacobs at Saarland University this summer. We got the chance to ask him some questions about his experiences during his research internship. 

Interview with Adrián 

Describe yourself in 3 sentences 

I am an enthusiastic guy that likes to learn and discover new things. I am also, a very thoughtful and critical guy who enjoys contemplating the greatness of nature and the universe. And finally, I would describe myself as a calm person with great ideas.  

How did you come across the Matter to Life URO Program? 

I was looking for research intern opportunities around the world since I planned to devote my summer doing research at a foreign university or research center. Then, as one of my dreams has always been to study in Germany, due to their great innovation in science and technology, I decided to look on the internet and find a program that could fit my interests, which are nanotechnology and chemistry. That is how I found the Matter to Life URO program, and I decided to apply, as was exactly what I was looking for.   

Why did you decide to go abroad for your research internship? 

I truly believe that the experience to study abroad is invaluable. It allows you to meet incredible people from different disciplines and cultures, making your perspective of science and the world bigger. Additionally, I believe that studying abroad is a way of personal and academic growth that prepares you for professional life, giving you insights on the next steps for your future. 

What are you studying and why are you interested in interdisciplinary research? 

I am currently in the last year of my bachelor´s in nanotechnology and chemistry, and I am interested in interdisciplinary research because I believe that, in every research project, the conjunction of different disciplines creates a more substantial work, causing the success of it. 

How did you like your time in Germany? 

I enjoyed a lot the time of my internship, doing research on a very prestigious university and research group was incredible. I learned and experienced a lot of things, that without a doubt will help me in my professional development. Additionally, I met formidable friends and partners that made my stay even better. 

What surprised you during your internship? 

Something that surprised me a lot was how the laboratories where I worked are equipped. There were a lot of sophisticated instruments and materials that helped me in the development of my research project. In general, I got surprised by the great investment that Germany does in science and technology, which emphasizes the importance this field has here, as it should be in every country. 

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