The MPS Matter to Life offers a Joint Degree

A unique connection between the University of Göttingen and Heidelberg University

February 02, 2023

It's now official!

It was a moment long anticipated: On 2 February 2023, the President of the University of Göttingen, Prof. Metin Tolan, and the Rector of Heidelberg University, Prof. Bernhard Eitel, signed the joint degree contract for the study program Matter to Life in Göttingen. This means that from the upcoming winter semester on, only a single, joint Master program in Matter to Life will be offered instead of two individual Master studies

This new joint degree includes joint study regulations as well as a shared curriculum for the Master phase among both study locations. The first steps to this milestone emerged back in 2017 and were now finalized. From the upcoming winter semester 2023/24 onwards, we are now able to offer a joint degree from two leading universities in Germany and thereby further establish the MPS MtL in the German science network.

What does this mean for future Matter to Life students?

“Without changing the general concept and spirit of the Max Planck School Matter to Life, this new joint degree offers the opportunity for more individual studies as well as combining the strengths of both university and thereby creates additional experiences and lower barriers for our students within the German science environment” explains Jan Heidelberger, Scientific Coordinator at the MPS MtL.

Future students enroll and study as students of both universities at the same time and will complete the first phase of the Matter to Life with a joint Master's degree from both Heidelberg University and the University of Göttingen. While a specialization is still offered at the individual locations and students are either residents of Heidelberg or Göttingen, the study program can be adjusted more flexibly and based on the personal needs of the individual student. Moreover, this allows to use the resources offered by each single location more efficiently.



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