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MPSP and MPS MtL Joint Location Visit

May 11, 2023

On May 11 and 12, we had the pleasure of having a two days joint event in Göttingen, bringing together some of the students of the MPSP (Max Planck School of Photonics) and MPS MtL. This event was a fantastic opportunity for our schools to meet, share knowledge, and explore each other's science labs.

First Day

On the first day, we gathered at the University of Göttingen to attend insightful talks by some of our school's Fellows. Tim Salditt, Fellow of both schools, Claus Ropers from MPSP, and MtL Fellow Stefan Klumpp shared valuable insights and engaged us with their presentations.

Undoubtedly, the lab visits that took place on both days were the highlight of our joint event, as they provided an opportunity to learn more about each other's work and fostered a stronger connection between our schools. We were fascinated by the state-of-the-art research equipment, e.g. the Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope of the Ropers Group or the high-resolution three-dimensional X-ray setup of the Salditt lab. 

We concluded the day with a joint dinner at Restaurant Bullerjahn within the city of Göttingen, providing an opportunity for informal discussions and networking. It was a very delightful way to wrap up our time together.

A lecture
Close-up shot of a table with merchandise: Notebooks, keychains, pencils, etc. branded with the design of both schools
Students are shown discussing in the foyer
Everyone waiting in front of the cafeteria
Prof. Stefan Klumpp is pictured standing in front at the lecture hall and presenting
Prof. Tim Salditt presenting in the lecture hall
Students visiting a lab
Students are talking and waiting in the foyer. A table with merchandise is seen in the foreground
Group picture taken at the dinner table
Group picture at the dining table
Group picture at the dining table
Students stand at round tables and converse
A group of students is standing around a table, drinking coffee and discussing
A tour of Abberior Instruments
Students visiting the GWDG/data center
Students visiting the GWDG/data center
Students sitting in a seminar room and listening to a presentation

Second Day

The second day started with a visit to the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences. We were honored to have our joint Fellow and Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell as well as Helmut Grubmüller from MPS MtL enlighten us on their latest research.

In the afternoon, the student split up into groups to join one of two guided tours offered. One was at Abberior Instruments, Stefan Hell's company, allowing us to witness cutting-edge technology in action. The other tour took us to the GWDG Data Center, further expanding our understanding of scientific infrastructure.



Overall, our joint event in Göttingen connection between MPSP and MPS MtL was strengthened, but also provided valuable insights into each other's research. The event was excellently organized by Leon Lohse, student sepresentatives of the MPSP, and we were thrilled to have this chance to connect.We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this event an enriching experience.

We say good bye and look forward to seeing each other again at the Max Planck Schools Day!


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