Matter to Life is an interdisciplinary study program spanning physics, chemistry, biology, materials sciences and related sub-fields. It is led and taught by experts in the field and focused on questions including: How do we get from molecules to cellular systems to decision making processes? The program is taught entirely in English and targets an international student body.

The 5-year MSc to PhD Direct Track Program welcomes applications from students with bachelor/undergraduate degrees. For the initial 2-year Master’s phase of Matter to Life you can choose between our teaching universities who offer different scientific foci: University of Göttingen for Complex Systems and Biological Physics or Heidelberg University for Molecular Systems Chemistry and Engineering.

Upon completion of the master phase, you continue your research during the 3-year PhD phase in the laboratory of any Matter to Life Faculty member.

Meet us! 

Use the opportunity to join one of our info sessions and meet the Matter to Life
coordinators, Fellows and lecturers directly.

Register for one of the events below to ask away any questions directly! 

Monday, 4 October at 10 am CEST

Thursday, 14 October at 7 pm CEST

Tuesday, 19 October at 4 pm CEST

Wednesday, 27 October at 8 am CEST

Thursday, 4 November at 10 am CET

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